Your reliable supplier of turned parts, milled parts and ground components.

LITIM stands for high-quality turning and milling products made of steel and plastic. We have more than 25 years of experience in CNC manufacturing of various components for the rolling bearing industry, gear industry and tool industry.

Our vendor parts are installed in wind turbines, trains, motor vehicles and industrial plants. Technologically, we specialize in sawing, turning, milling and grinding up to a diameter of 250 mm and a maximum length of 600 mm. In addition to the soft machining of steel, we also offer hard machining by hard turning and surface grinding, as well as external and internal cylindrical grinding. We have precision lathes manufactured with a tolerance of 0.007 mm. Our modern machinery is set to batch sizes from 200 pieces up to 1 million pieces.

However, to a lesser extent, we also offer the production of prototypes. In addition to our core competence, machining, we take care of material disposition, warehousing and product acceptance for our customers. We use an ERP system from SAP.

Our know-how also includes diverse coating of metals for protection against corrosion or for current insulation. We undertake ceramic coatings, KLT coatings and corrotect coatings as well as phosphating and black passivation. With our own logistics, we supply you quickly and flexibly. This completes our profile with selected services for our products.

The focus of our work is on the requirements and expectations of our customers, who are active in various branches of the industry. Through constant improvement of our processes and technological progress, we produce the best possible quality at an internationally competitive price while conserving all resources.

Our quality and environmental efforts are reflected in years of successful certification of an integrated ISO 9001: 2015 quality management system and ISO 14001: 2015 environmental management system.
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The history of our company begins in 1990. In an old stable, the brothers Frank Litim and Alois Litim founded today’s Frank & Alois Litim GmbH & Co. KG with a single conventional lathe. Today, we process more than 2500 tons annually at our Wuppertal site.



Our core competence lies in the machining of various steel grades. Our services include sawing, turning, milling and grinding up to a diameter of 250 mm. In addition, we offer various heat treatments, surface treatments and coatings.



We produce rolling components that meet the requirements of the world’s largest rolling bearing manufacturer. The product portfolio includes components for the gear and tool industry. Through our diverse and flexible manufacturing capabilities, we are a reliable partner.


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